Slots In The Uk With The Best Music Theme

Slots in the UK are rightly known for delivering thrills to the brain matter. These slots feature varying themes, with some being all about pop culture, while others boast superhero, sports and fable-related themes. Then, there are those slots that are themed around music and musicians. These music-themed slots apart from boasting all manner of sweet theme-related bonuses, icons and graphics, normally feature soul-moving audio effects of the music band or musician they are themed on.

Slots In The Uk With The Best Music Theme
Most of these music-themed slots in the UK are developed by the biggest software gaming providers on this planet. A selection of music-themed slots in the UK is detailed below. Tune in for an entertaining read. 

Getting Musical With The Best Music-Themed Slots In The Uk

So, without further ado, the best slots in the UK that are music-themed and sweet as sin are as follows: 

  • Don’t Be A Motorhead – Is there anyone on earth who has not heard of the Motorhead rock band and the iconic Lemmy? Seriously though, Motorhead is one of the biggest and most influential bands around and has the sales figures to prove it. The Motorhead slot from NetEnt celebrates the heritage of the band of the same name and has lots of branded graphics on the show to amaze you. The featured audio effects in this slot are derived from the greatest hits of the eponymous band and there’s a long list of bonus features in place for folks who like their fun to be extra hot. Overall, the Motorhead slot is one of those slots in the UK that deliver the sort of thrills that one had ever encountered. Well, spin it up and get the Aces of Spades.
  • Guns Yes! Roses No – The Guns N’ Roses slot is a NetEnt creation that is, of course, themed around the iconic music band of the same name. It was released in 2016 and is still more popular than sliced bread with fish and chips! This slot is a beast in more ways than one! It features lots of very colourful and well-detailed branded graphics, has enough bonuses and gameplay features to get the brain matter scrambling for relief and is sinfully entertaining. It also features some of the most famous songs by the band that players can select and play as they wish. Overall, this music-themed slots in the UK play like a dream that everyone wish to live.
  • What A Samba Carnival! – South America or Brazil to be precise is, of course, renowned for its samba carnivals. These are regular events during which the women folk dress up in almost their birthday suit and energetically shake all that their mama blessed them with! Samba carnivals are also periods during which citizens run riot and dedicate themselves to simply having fun and letting the good times roll by smooth as honey! The Samba Carnival slot from Play’ N Go endeavours to capture the above scenario. The gameplay is as lively and fast-paced as they come and the theme-related icons in view could easily get players in the mood to shake their waist and hang loose! Apart from looking very pretty, this slot also has some very reasonable bonuses in place. These bonuses include wild multipliers and what is known as the Bongo Bonus. The audio effects here are much the same as what would be heard during any carnival and overall this slots in the UK delivers enough fun and thrills to cause an explosion in the brain matter.
  • Jimi, Oh Jimi- Heard Of Jimi Hendrix? – Yes, that fella with an afro who could play the guitar as his life depended on it! Sadly, he died too young of an accidental overdose and we are fully prepared to say that the world has not been the same since! Well, Jimi has been immortalised in books, movies and documentaries beyond counting. NetEnt on their part decided to release the Jimi Hendrix slot, presumably so that Millennials could discover what made the great man tick. The Jimi Hendrix slot is one of the strangest-looking and in fact, has psychedelic graphics that could get players higher than a kite in a heartbeat! All icons in view are theme-related and there are enough bonus features in place to keep players very entertained for the rest of this millennium! Jimi, of course, makes an appearance in the slot that bears his name and the soundtrack consists of some of his most famous hits. So, get this slot spinning up and get Purple Rain moaning away on repeat!
  • Cursed By A Phantom – The Phantom’s Curse is a NetEnt slot that has the name implies is themed around the Phantom of the Opera musical. It features a host of theme-related icons, including the phantom itself. There are enough colours on the reels of this slot to drown a pod of dolphins, as well as more bonuses than most players can rightly keep track of! These bonuses include stacked wilds, free spins and win multipliers, with all combining to deliver a gameplay experience that is sweeter than dinner at most high-end eateries! Overall, while these slots in the UK can be a little spooky, it is still as engrossing as they come and a music-themed slot to watch out for.
  • Dj’s Are Going Wild – The DJ Wild slot from Elk Studios boasts the sort of pounding electronic beats that could turn the brain matter into jelly in no time at all! Its soundtrack was actually put together by some Swedish DJ’s so hot they were said to be radioactive! This slot in the UK features some of the most amazing and eye-catching graphics, with a long list of bonuses being in place to ensure that players get to dance with joy till their waist breaks! For a cool effect, the gameplay animations are actually synced to the audio beat, which is commendable. Overall, the DJ Wild slot certainly delivers the goods. And in heavy spadefuls at that!
  • The Dancing Isles – Well, to be frank, the Irish are not exactly renowned as dancers! Still, that has not stopped Nektan from releasing the Shamrock N Roll slot that is set on the green isles of the fair country. This slot features the sort of icons found on other Irish-themed slots while spicing up the gameplay with wilds and free spins. Its entrance on this list is because its audio effects consist of some of the most rousing, spirited, joyful and frankly amazing Irish folk music our eardrums have been entertained by! So, crank up the audio at full volume and explore the Shamrock N Roll slot to the max!

And that is all the best music-themed slots in the UK to cover today.


Name: Slots In The Uk With The Best Music Theme
Author: Adam Ridley
Published Date: 27/08/2019