Find Out How Online Sports Betting Laws Work in the Uk

Find Out How Online Sports Betting Laws Work in the Uk
One of the most common regulatory authorities when it comes to online casinos and sports betting in the UK, a prime example of how proper regulation can have myriad advantages for the players, the companies as well as the whole country. Now that the advent of the online gambling, internet-based sports betting services and casino games online is a very popular notion that is being used by people of all ages and all walks of life, the discussion on the requirement of proper regulation has been on the rise. And looking at the UK gambling laws today, we can certainly say that proper laws and an active regulatory body can help everyone involved in the industry.

The Effects of Proper Laws on the Online Sports Betting Industry

Recognising the popularity of gambling and sports betting in the country and recognising the revenue that can be generated via this industry, the UK gambling and betting laws have been in place since 1960. Quite recently in 2005, the licensing acts were revised to suit the new conditions and another update in 2014 included laws and regulations for online gambling and sports betting services. This means that there is no grey area when it comes to online casinos and betting services in the UK.

Basically, the most direct effect of this proactive move from the UK government was in the form of the revenue generated. The registration and licensing and the related taxation helped the government make extra revenue from people’s love for gambling and sports betting. But the more subtle advantage, especially for the players is that the online betting space became much safer. Legitimate companies that were ready to accept the UK gambling laws and regulations started providing people with safe services and secure website. People no longer had any need to take the risk of playing on websites that didn’t have the necessary licences. The concept of UK gambling was advantageous for businesses, too; they were able to recognize and invest in something that was profitable and above board!

What the Uk Gambling and Betting Laws Entail?

Basically, the rule is for any company to provide UK gambling or sports betting services online; they need to have a proper license. And to get this license they need to follow a few rules:

  • Customer Safety

    Basically, when designing casino websites companies need to invest in security measures to ensure that the personal and financial information of players is safe.

  • Customer support:

    It is mandatory that a sports betting website provides players with 24×7 customer support. This aspect is now being taken very seriously by the online services itself. Customers have multiple resources at hand to contact representatives who can provide the necessary information or services according to the customer’s requirement. Most websites these days have a live chat feature on the website which provides an opportunity for customers to directly contact a representative in a matter of minutes.

  • Dispute resolution

    Dispute resolution should be taken seriously by the companies providing online services. If required, they should also provide an alternative dispute resolution or (ADR) free of charge. Additionally, all the information and records should be retained and made available on request from the ADR panel. Non-adherence to any one of these stipulations under UK gambling laws can lead to a cancellation of the license.

  • Age and Identity Verification

    Age and identity verification are happening with online sports betting services today and all thanks to the current UK gambling laws. Most websites run a tight ship when it comes to age regulation; players are required to declare their age during the registration process, and subsequently, the website conducts age and identity verification by itself or through third parties. In case of any misinformation on the player’s part, the company will cancel their account and registration. Only players who are 18 years or more are allowed to take part in online casinos and betting services.

  • Responsible gaming

    The biggest problem with gaming is that if one isn’t careful one can become a gaming addict. Responsible gaming is a tough concept and especially hard to practise for someone who loves betting and gaming. So, according to the UK gambling laws, the websites that provide these services are also responsible for ensuring that the players practise responsible gaming. There are resources in place to provide players with all the information need to recognize the dangers of addiction and if required reach out to the people who can help. In some cases, there are also websites that use the latest technology and software to recognise the patterns of addiction in players and intervene!


Name: Find Out How Online Sports Betting Laws Work in the Uk
Author: Adam Ridley
Published Date: 06/11/2019